Monday, August 19, 2013

Business Marketing: 6 Tips to Find & Land Your Online Marketing Dream Job

6 Tips to Find & Land Your Online Marketing Dream Job

The online marketing industry has been one of the hottest, fastest growing industries in the past 5 years. As companies, large and small, look to improve their online presence and expand their service offerings to their own customers, qualified online marketing specialists continue to become more valuable and in-demand. Being in the industry myself for the past 10 years I have accumulated a good amount of experience in finding, landing and hiring online marketing positions. These things are not what have inspired me to right this post though.
Finding the Job
Knowing what type of company you want to work for can often be more important than exactly which position you want to take on. If a company is a good fit for you, and vice versa, then you will be in a better state of mind to grow within the industry.
Here is a roadmap for how and where to find your dream online marketing job, at the right company for you:

STEP 1: Pin Down a Location

I’ve seen long commutes really hinder someone from enjoying their job, staying focused and maintaining motivation. Unless you have some secret route to every point in your area where traffic is not an issue, then I would highly recommend trying to keep your search within a 10-15 mile radius of where you currently reside.
Obviously this all assumes that you are not willing to uproot yourself and find a job in another state or something. Also, I’m not going to mention telecommuting jobs as an option as I strongly believe that consistent personal interaction with other co-workers is a necessary element of a great online marketing job.
Tip #1: Try some of these Google search queries at
Tip #2: Try some of these Google search queries at
  • digital media companies
  • online marketing agencies
  • internet marketing companies    
STEP 2: Get Social
Networking has always been one of the best ways to find a new job. Social media has made networking exponentially easier, and cheaper, and has become one of my top recommendations for finding that dream job. Once you have established your short list of desired companies to work for, whether they are hiring or not, then social media is your next move.
Here is a roadmap for how and where to use social media to find that perfect internet marketing opportunity:
Tip #3: Follow and interact with each company’s blog as well as their social media accounts on these main networks
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+

STEP 3: Prepare Yourself

The worst thing you can do when asking for, or walking into, an interview is to not be prepared. Even if you think you are good at “winging it” all it takes is one small question to completely derail your chances of making a stellar first impression.
Here are some guidelines to help you secure and nail those interviews by being prepared:
TIP #6: Brush up on the industry lingo by knowing the fundamental definitions of these basic terms and their respective acronyms

STEP 4: Nail the Interview

If you have gone through and completed the 9 tips outlined above, then you should be more than prepared to confidently sit down in front of any hiring manager to land your dream online marketing job. Getting to the interview is only one part though, now you need to impress the heck out of whomever you get to meet with.

[BONUS] Starting the Job

I feel confident that if you have followed each of the 13 Tips posted above, then your chances of finding and getting hired for your online marketing dream job should be very high. All of the time you have spent researching, engaging, preparing and positioning yourself to get that job will come to be extremely handy for your future career in Internet Marketing.

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